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My dad was randomly murdered in cold blood right after I turned 18 and my mom ODd on pills when i was in prison. I never got to say bye to either one. I have this emptiness that will never feel the same again. I get lost in depression everytime i think of them and I find myself going insane trying to find that same joy in life.

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Hi Jay sorry to hear about your family. Its not an easy life to face. You been through a lot but your here now and your heart is still beating I dont know when your parents  passed away. I know the depession your going through and how alone the feeling of despair feels. No one could really say when you will feel better because grief is different for everyone. But I pray that its soon for you and you could continue with your life. Never give up on finding joy. You could start small do things that make you happy or feel better. May be anything like hiking, swimming, movies. For myself volunteering has made a big impact in my life and it makes me happy. Never give up and stay out of trouble :) 

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