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I lost my dad in April from Multiple Sclerosis. He was diagnosed when i was 2 weeks old so he fought for 16 years but he couldn't carry on and I feel like my heart has been ripped out of my chest. I feel so numb and I keep having severe anxiety attacks. Has anyone else lost their dad at a young age and can help me?

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I lost my dad three weeks ago. I dont want do much and being at work is hard. The pain has become ao heavy lately
I feel for all of you name is Stephanie and I joined because I’m still healing. People tell me it takes time. It does take time but...there is a fine line I feel when talking to others that having been through what we are going through. Not only that we all grieve differently. For me, I’m here to meet people that are feeling what I’m feeling currently. I would like to be able to heal from others as well as help you if I can.
I lost my mom a month ago to cancer and it’s the worst thing I’ve ever experienced. Any one who wants to talk feel free to message me.

Sad to hear this, extremely sorry for your loss. I hope you will heal from this loss of parents soon. The story you have shared remember the story of my grandma after my grandfather died. Grandma was suffering from dementia and thus after the sudden death of my grandfather, she started loosing her balance and needed a spot in every work she wants to do. Her mental state was not so good enough even for taking certain finance and property related decisions. Thus, one friend of my dad suggested to contact with the elder care lawyers who will look after grandmother and will take her out of this grief.

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