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I recently went to a wedding for a friend of my family. As i was there, i couldn't help but become emotional, but it wasn't for the obvious reasons. It only made me realize that my dad won't be there when i get married & he won't be there to "give me away." I'm not getting married anytime soon but even the thought of it is devastating. I know it's too early to know how i'll actually feel when that day comes. I can only imagine. It almost makes me not want to get married. It's hard to discuss that with my friends who have their fathers 'cause they have no clue how much it hurts. I'll never know what it feels like to share such a special moment with my dad. They say "he'll be there in spirit & he would want me to be happy, not sad." While those things may be true, it's easier for them to say that when their dad is going to walk them down the aisle. It's pretty crappy for me to already have "wedding blues" when that day is so far away.

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Sorry you're feeling blue, Laura.  I lost my dad when I was 9, so it's normal; I remember feeling the same way about weddings when I was younger.  A thought crossed my mind today RE: all grievers to try focusing MORE on the happiness we shared with our loved ones instead of how sad we are that they went to heaven ahead of us.   I know it's easier said than done...  

yep ths thngs is so hrd for us larua my dad died 2012 his bst budy well 1 of thm yr my dad died we wnt 2 his 95th day party we did i use 2 call him ucl bill bot my real uncle i called him uncle bill i jus wish my dad had bean hear evn partys thn my dads buddy died a month later 

few tms iv bean in a rom iv saw my dad siting in a seat as clear as day i try 2 tell ple but thy dont bleve me evn dreams iv had or mesage frm famly ib had or iv spooket evry 1 i hav iv even spooket e a few

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