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I don't know how to accept my dad's death.

My dad passed away on January 8th of this year & it's been 5 months since he's been gone. I know he's passed on but there's a part of me that thinks he's still at the hospital even though i know he's not. It is hard for me to verbally talk about his death because each time i talk about it, i feel like i'm reliving all of those painful moments again. I can't seem to "let go" or "move on." I start to wonder if i really want to. I know i have to 'cause i can't grieve forever. I just feel like i don't know what to do anymore.

Juan Enrique Longoria [12/20/1955-01/08/2014]
I love you, dad.

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Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings with us Laura.  What a great picture of you and your dad!  I know from personal experience that communication is key.  Communication is key to recovery, so you're doing a great thing by sharing with us.  Check out the chat room, other blog posts and the ones on the Home Page.  We hope you find some Help for today and Hope for tomorrow.

Big hug,


Dont worry Laura what your going through is normal is a part of grieving. I lost someone special to me in December and i still fool my mind into thinking hes going to come back and tell me it was all a mistake. Grief could take us to our own world and sometimes nobody could get us out but ourselves.

Coming here is the first step into wanting to feel normal again. As you already know normal will never be the same because someone so special is no longer with us. Talking about your Dad will help release some pain and it doesn't mean you have to re-live the painful moments when you lost him. But remember the wonderful man he was.

Hi i lost my dad last year and i miss him dearly. im a little better than i was but im still grieving for him. it will be 8 years that i lost my mom but its so hard here now without my dad. i feel lost at times and people tell me to get over it and i will when im ready. hopefully things get better for me

Hi I just lost my dad the 16th of this year really it was fathers day night but he didn't die until after 12 midnight.  I am having an extremely hard time with it.  I thought it was unbearable that it was the anniversary of losing my mother the 26th of May only 2 years ago but now with my dad the pain is choking.  I do everything to stay focused but cant.  I now have I call them 2 death bags in my car because I cant part with them.  Their contents unfortunately are the items bagged from the hospital when they originally went there.  I thought I was just coming to terms with my mom and now my dad.  My dads passing was a shock and to say the least should not have happened. The waves of grief that come are horrific but I feel no one has the right to tell someone to get over it

me 2 my dad died in 2012 i cant even vist any 1 in hosptal i cant coz it givs me hevie cheveies thm plases thy do i still expecy my dad 2 play pranks on us i no i kissed him gdby in funrell hom i did it still dont feal real i get angry at god at momnet i do wish i dont mean 2 i just do

sorry if im sayng wong stuff if i am im just not in grt hed it momnt im not

I am going thru the exact same thing right now so you are not alone. I'm incredibly lost out here without my dad and it isn't seeming to get better for me as everyone says "time" I hate that word. There isn't a grieving time line saying oh hey today you are going to feel great
Thank you everyone for sharing your stories with me, it makes me realize that i'm not alone. I'm sorry for each of your losses. You have my condolences. I have my good days & then i have my bad days. I just want to have better days

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