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I lost my boyfriend in April, I found his body and I can't get that out of my head. I miss him so much it hurts. Everyone thinks I'm strong but I cry every day (i don't let anyone see) I feel like I've lost my future. I'd waited all my life for him and now he's gone. I'm having an operation soon and every day I hope I die on the table because I just want to be with him

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Hi Michelle,

I feel your pain. I lost my husband 3 weeks ago. My world will never be the same and like you I'd rather be with him than here without his love. 

Message me so we can chat.

Hi Geri I'm so sorry you are feeling this agony too, I went over to see Shaun's grave and it nearly broke me... none of his family have been and they live a few minutes away...I'm nearly 2 hours drive away. I know I'm feeling angry and resentful about every little thing but I can't help it, I wish every day that Ill join him soon (I miss him so much) hope you get this message as I'm clueless with these things
Hi, my name is Tracie. My husband was killed in a head on collision. We have been married for 24 years. He has been my bestfriend since 1st grade. I am so lost and i hate the person that i am becoming. I feel like my heart is never going to beat again. Any wisdom on how to do "grief" is welcome.

Thanks Michelle for the reply. These emotions of grief are so similar that I cry for you also now. It is 6.30pm here. I am so alone, so miserable without my husband that I try to end the day as early as possible and just go to bed. The so called friends who said they would be there lasted about a week. I guess I am not much company any way. If my husband saw me now he would be angry and disappointed but I can't help missing him and our life together. 

Michelle I have tried counselling, seen a psychologist, tried bereavement chat rooms online and am even contemplating meds to help with the how to do 'grief.' I don't believe there are answers or that quick fix. This new journey for us is not what we wanted or planned for and I'm not even sure what will come with time but the love we had with our husbands  cannot be diminished by death.

Strangely enough when I go to visit Richard's resting place I do not feel him there at all. He is at home with me where he will always belong so light a candle for your Shaun at home and know that your love won't be extinguished.

I'm sorry for your loss. I lost my fiance in 2012 and still long for him each and every day.


That's right that we are not given any choice but thrown into grief when we lose a loved one. I lost my husband two months ago, not a single day has passed when I didn't cry. I long to be with him all the time. I have two very young kids to take care of so I pretend to be strong before them.

Recently, I have started reading books on life after death. Surprisingly, I have been able to convince myself that my husband's soul will wait for me to meet with me in the spirit world. This sounds very impractical but right now I am looking for any straw that can help me float in the deep waters of sadness, sorrow, loneliness, and despair.  

It's not fair . It wasn't his time. I was robbed. I want alchohol

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