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hello everyone my name is shannon. i lost my dad 4 years ago come july.  Somedays i am ok others i feel as though my heart is breaking. I lost him to suicide. Thank you for listening and being here

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Hi Shannon i know its hard to deal with we are here for you.

i miss my dad 2 he died 3.3.2012 he did i feal ok1  thn nxt i feal upset coz we wear close 

he died on a horbel hosptil wrd nasty nurse bean bitchy rasets gospin doin nothng 

i am so sorry to hear of your loss,no matter hoe much time passes the pain we fell is always there,yet in going on we honor all those who have passed,and hold them dear in our hearts i will always offer a prayer for you when i pray for my mother,take care

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