Help for today & Hope for tomorrow

I miss my little girl so so much nearly 6 years ago

This rollercoaster is hell !

these tears still fall...

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Im sorry youre feeling this pain. It is hell! I hope you find comfort in the near future. Keep fighting for yourself. 

I don't think it ever truly goes away.  It is not natural for a mother to live longer than her child.  We are suppose to be the ones leaving them behind.   And your right, it is like a rollercoaster, you are going along just fine and a memory hits you and you are blubbering mess.  Just hang in there.  

I lost my little girl almost two years ago she was takin from me by a man i never met and about to go to trial for her death not a day goes by i dont see her face
I am sorry to hear your pain and all the pain in comments previous. I lost my daughter 7 yrs ago this yr. she was 11. Passed in my arms sudden at home. And then my husband a couple yrs later again sudden. The void is deep. I do my best to remember the happy great yrs I was lucky enough to have with my daughters do husband but struggle daily. Talking to them each day saying a positive thing to them helps. Talking in general I find helps. But it’s hard to talk to those who haven’t lost. They don’t understand. Thts why I joined here tonight. And this is my first posting.

Kylie, my heart breaks for you. I  lost my son 3 years ago today and it is just as raw as the moment it happened. I have no words that can ease your pain, heal your grief or heal the emptiness in your heart. I can be a friend and listen when you need someone to hear you cry out. I have no family left as he was the last of my family., which is why I became a member here, the people here understand our pain, and our emptiness. If you want to reach out to me just let me know. I am here and  I do understand your sorrow, and emptiness. May the Lord hold you close and heal your heart and dry your tears. many blessings to you . Diane. 

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