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Christmas two years ago. I lost my second child due to a miscarriage. I've been told I still shouldn't be mourning over the baby, but I can't seem to let go. How long is to long to grieve the loss of an unborn child?

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Its never too long or to short. This was your baby its okay to mourn the loss. The baby was part of you part of your life. Youre mourning the future you didnt have and its okay. I hope your doing better now. Those precious babies will always live inside your heart.  

I had 4 miscarriages between my 1st and 2nd children. We decided to try for a 3rd and she passed away in the second trimester. I'm scheduled for a d and c in the morning and I'm not sure I'll ever smile again.

As far as how long you should mourn your loss, every year on their day of passing I light candles for my missed little ones. Don't let anyone tell you how to feel, you were their Momma, and love them more than anyone else.

sweetie I have been grieving the loss of my first child for 7 years now. you never stop and I have been grieving the loss of my second child for 2 years. in time its gets easier to face but you never stop grieving. I lost one to a very bad domestic and one to a health issue. I understand your pain sweetie.

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