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I lost my son January 12, 201 8. In a tragic car accident. He was in the back seat of a car when the driver loss control hit a pole, car caught fire, my son couldn't get out & burned to death. When I close my eyes I can hear his screams. I keep wishing I was there to help him. My son was a WOUNDERFUL, KIND, GENTLE SOUL & an AWESOME FATHER, he was a MEEK man.for him to die then in this way kills me. I try standing on my faith & believe in God but the longer time go's bye the harder it gets & the more it hurts. To know I will never see him again. Nor be able to hold him. Makes me num. I find my self asking God for a miracle. To bring my son back to me. Then I realize what I am asking for & it's just impossible. When reality sets in the pain pirese my heart.  I hope one day I can crawl then walk again but right now I can't even sit up to see the light.       

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Its been six months since you wrote this post. I hope that you are doing better. But knowing grief am sure its been a hard road. I too stood behind Gods grace and that was the one thing that helped me through the worse expierence of my life. Hold on to your faith even when you feel it slipping away.

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