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My Nana died 15 years ago. To me it still feels like it was 15 minutes ago. Some days are better than others. The holidays are the hardest. We were extremely close. How can I move on? It still hurts so much!

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It's not about moving on its about coping with the fact that she is no longer physically their try to create a spiritual relationship keep good memories and all good thoughts and it will help you I promise grief is difficult u can go up and. Come down crashing gotta stay in the land of the living just keep the memories and don't forget to laugh I think about my grandparents all the time they were my besties but I still talk to them everyday

my nana died well ovr 25 yrs go still miss her she wz very funny died wen i wz a teen its all i can remer wen she died it 1st funrelll i evr wnt 2 now it mys f bean nealy 40 funrels iv bean 2 ovr yrs lst 5 yr iv bean 2 so mush lozin my dad in 1212 2012 he died thn i los my belovd compan of 16 r yrs 2 orgn faler wish i feal bad coz i had 2 get her put 2 sleppp i cu not evn tak her 2 vets 2 sea her funl momnts i cud not iv 2 new kittys now 2 keep me on my tos u cud say

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