Help for today & Hope for tomorrow

I lost my fiancé less than a week ago to cancer & I can barley stand this pain. I’ll get through it but it hurts so badly

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When I lost my parents, it was really tough.  I was very close to both of them.  My thoughts are with you. 

Here is a poem I wrote, perhaps it will be supportive for you.


       @Ray Whitaker, 2017

Saying what is there
Soooo important, yet sooo buried
As to be almost nonexistent, and yet still
Controlling what is construed for normalcy
Until others notice:  That it's not normal.

There's the ramifications
Then the remediations
Tempered by that hidden realism
Of which there can be but little rebuttal
Moments laced by those revelations.

Layers on that onion
It's really too unexceptional a phrase anymore...
To cover the ground of layers upon layers to hide
What could be there, having been involved…
In the loss of a life.

What would you say
When it came that day
Out, damned truth, no longer at bay
Having opened the layers within layers, no longer "a hide"
Daring to look at what's inside.

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