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Please join our Scheduled Chat Session Tuesday, December 30th at 9PM E.S.T

Hello members,

One of our members, Ted Scherff is hosting a scheduled chat session Tuesday, Dec. 30th at 9PM EST.  He'd like to share and discuss some books that have helped him since his wife passed away 2 months ago.  As you know it helps your grief recovery when you are able to help others.  It was kindof Ted to suggest this topic and brave for him to agree to host the chat session.  I hope you can join us!



Founding GHN member 

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i can remember when i was new to this grief wow things to remember it is good to find support it is ok to be sad get help 

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Ugly Christmas Sweaters!

Merry Christmas! from Judy and Michael Davidson - the official winners of the Ugly Christmas Sweater contest :)

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Do you feel like this right now?

It's normal to feel this way when you are grieving the loss of a loved one.  Communication is key to recovery.

We'd love to hear your thoughts and feelings.



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Helpful Tip #6

from Laura at www.EnchantedEssence.Ca

In the early days after my husband passed away,I used to write to him in my journal.  I would share my day with him and it made me feel better.  We used to celebrate his birthday, our anniversary  etc... all to honor him and make my son and I feel better.  What can you do to honor your loved one this holiday season?  We'd love to hear your…


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Helpful Tip #5

from Laura at www.EnchantedEssence.CA

Although this talks about Thanksgiving, the same principles apply to Christmas and every holiday.  It's hard to think about helping others when you are grieving the loss of a loved one.  But can you think of 1 person who would benefit from your help?  Please share your thoughts.

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Helpful Tip #4

We all have so much to be grateful for.  I am grateful that I have the opportunity to help members here and be a small part of helping through your grief journey 

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Helpful Tip #3

I have found that the best things in life are free ... the positive energy I feel every time I'm at the beach - enjoying God's beauty on a long hike - spending time with my son, even if we're just watching TV together.  And people LOVE to help.  My neighbor is going through a difficult time right now.  I was so excited when she asked for help the other day.    



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Helpful Tip #2 For Getting Through the Holidays

From Laura at

Asking for help was really difficult for me to do at first, after my husband died.  But I needed a lot of help initially, so I had to learn to ask friends, family and neighbors.  Now it's pretty easy for me.  I'm happy to help others and realize that most people feel the same way.  How about…


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Helpful Holiday tip #1

from www.EnchantedEssence.Ca

Was this helpful?  Please share your thoughts about the holiday season

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Love Never Ends

What does this mean to you?  Does it make you feel better or worse?  I find comfort in feeling that although my husband has been in heaven for 10 years, my love for him and the brief life we had together never dies.  I'm grateful for the memories and the son he gave me; his clone and my living souvenier of him.

The holidays are hard on people that are grieving the loss of our loved ones.  But perhaps knowing that Love Never Ends may bring a little comfort.  How about…


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2 low coz of xmas

2 low coz of xmas 2 mush person gon id rathr hav a person hear thn a gift

i wish i cud skip it it wz grt wn thy wear hear yea we wud al eat 2 mush drink 2 mush a hang ovr frm hell nxt day but evry 1 wz…


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Random writing.

On my own rock, I stand

Lost in depths of thought

Today just seems bland.

Wondering what’s next

Seems like another day

confusion and perplexed.

Wanting to hear you now

No holiday seems complete

Days like this I wonder how.

Seasons with no good theme…


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The burial

It took over a year to finally bury my big brother.  He was taken from us suddenly by a fatal asthma attack.  I believe his wife set him up to die.  She has been so selfish about everything from his artwork to his ashes.  She didn't love him.  She had a boyfriend during the marriage.  She just enjoyed the position of control.  She came to the burial and every time the pastor talked about all of the good that my brother did, she would pipe up and take the credit.  She never gave of herself to…


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