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How Deer Hunting Helps Me Through Tough Times

Throughout my life, there have been plenty of hardships that I have had to cope with.  Whether it was a family member dying or the never-ending stress of work, I have always had to find ways to deal with the struggles and get through to the other side.

I have tried so many things to help me through these tough times including exercise and talking it out, but hunting has always been what helps me the most.  Being out in nature and seeing animals in their native habitats has always fascinated me and I find that experience to be one of the most soothing experiences.

I have hunted all of my life thanks to my dad and grandfather and it is always an experience I cherish.  I have introduced many of my friends to hunting so they could share in the process and they have all had similar experiences.

There is something about getting away, ignoring your emails and texts, and just being present in the moment.  I have been very fortunate to harvest animals throughout my life, but that is definitely not the reason to keep going back.  There is a bond you form with other hunters when you all understand the difficulty it takes to have a successful hunt, and help each other out to accomplish the goal.

Aside from the actual experience of hunting, one of my favorite parts is the preparation.  When in the offseason and there is nothing to hunt, I love to focus on improving the area in which deer frequent and prepare my gear as well.   Since I primarily hunt with a compound bow, there is always something to improve on.  I have been shooting a bow for 20 years and still feels like I am a terrible shot.  Having a hobby that involves so much work and reward is what keeps people coming back every year and keeps it fun.  

I also love to create gear reviews of my favorite hunting gear.  I do a ton of testing out in the field and then write and record videos about my findings.  I find this process to be very healing during tough times because it can be very tricky, which makes it easier to focus my mind on that instead of the problems at hand.

If there is anyone out there that is interested in hunting or learning more about it, I highly recommend it.  Every single person I have taken hunting has loved it and always come back to try it again.

I know there are tons of ways to cope with pain and struggle, but I know deer hunting is my favorite and something you should give a try.

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