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On October 14th 2012 Something happen that changed my life forever well changed my family life forever. For along time my brother battled with a long standing drug addiction being in and out of rehabs living from house to house she struggled to stay sober with everything he had to deal with.

He was one of those peoples you meet them one time and your life is changed forever he had a way with people that not a lot of people have I know that he wouldn't want me to be sad but you know sometimes not matter what happens we cant control are feelings

i've been holding in a lot so i thought maybe if i wrote done what happen and how i feel things would be better 

October 13th 2012 it was our grandmothers birthday everybody was at her house we was all having a good time nothing but smiles me and my brother made a cake while my aunt and uncle was making the actual food its was a great day with family and if you know my family they don't happen a lot we are so much alike that its never fails somebody always starts an argument my family don't really get along a lot so this was unusual looking back not god had a plan and it was in motion  that night after the party kind died down me and my brother little cousin and uncle all went to the park for a little bit me and my brother was arguing already over a phone but that a whole nother story when we got home my brother went to the bath room he was getting ready for a date that he had that night so we know that it was not intentional i didn't have school that week so i was going to bed later than normal after i got ready for bed i needed to use the bath room and nobody  know knew my brother knew that long showers and taking hours to get ready was his thing so it really didn't spark anybody cause he was in there so long. at 10:53 i had finally got tired of waiting and knocked on the door with my granma and to our surprise he didn't answer so we kind a knew something was wrong 

we alerted my uncles who had a key to the bath room even with a key he wasted no time busting in the door only to find my brother (hes really my cousin we are just so close ) his son a grandson a nephew laying on the floor after shooting up one last time we waited what seemed like house for the ambulance to get to my house mean while my job was to keep my little cousin while my family and the ambulance driver was doing there jobs finally at 1:45 am on October 14 he was officially declared dead in the bathroom of my childhood home 

I was standing the the laundry room when my mom came in and told me that he didn't make it after hours of them doing anything and everything they could and then some and then some it felt like forever was just gone after about 30 minuets the coroner was there to get the body and time my brother away from home one last time it was one of the hardest things I ever had to watch later that week the funeral and visitation came around to this day i can tell you the exact evens because they will forever be in my head like a bad dream 

lifes been pretty hard with out my brother i was 12 when this happen im 18 now this October it will be 6 years since my brother passed away 

i must say that writing this made me feel better i believe in the power of just talking and getting ut feelings out 



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Comment by Steph on October 7, 2018 at 9:12pm
I’m sorry to hear about your brother. I’m happy you wrote about this. I hope you do continue to heal. I’m sorry that you had to experience that.


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