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Hi I’m Lisa I lost my son July 21st to a drug overdose. I am having a very hard time and
His siblings are being very distant. My parents are both deceased and I have no other family so I’m feeling very desperate at times.

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Comment by Edward Janne on January 14, 2020 at 12:04pm

Dear Lisa, I’m so sorry that you are going through this alone. I’ve found that friends and family often just do not know what to do, that they either feel the need to distract you from your grief, or just avoid dealing altogether. Your son’s siblings may be distant because they may be going through their own struggles with grief in their own ways. Am am similarly going through grief with very little support from family or friends, not because they don’t love me or aren’t concerned for me, but simply because they don’t have the skills to deal with grief. What I’ve found immensely helpful is to seek out grief groups who meet weekly or monthly. Such groups are often lead by skilled therapists, or at least people who are familiar with the experience of grief, and are attended by people who are grieving. It’s a safe place where you can display your grief, and talk about your loss, without anyone trying to fix you or distract you from it or judge you for it.


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