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A (very) free version of the Lord's Prayer according to some ideas of my late father Robert Wallisch (1925-2014).


I can see the sunlight
I can hear the rain
I can taste the sugar, Lord
And I do feel the pain

You light the stars for every man
good and bad alike
in bliss and moan I see no plan
So I’m cool when thunders strike

and I won’t argue because
you’re the boss

I see a good man suffer
and a bad man rejoyce
I hear a preaching duffer
A wise man lost his voice

Thank God, in this young universe
We don’t get what we deserve.
No grace no justice and no curse.
It’s equal chance at every curve

and I won’t argue because
you’re the boss … you’re the boss, lord

I won’t be here tomorrow
But I am alive today
Between delight and sorrow
There is a smoother way

We’re in your hands, we can’t get lost
I say: your will be done
No one could dry up the sea we crossed
and all our days are one

We’re in your hands, we can’t go wrong
It’s always been like that
nothing’s to do, just sing your song
While sitting on the mat

So let’s not argue because
You’re the boss

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