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Hello to anyone who can listen to me. I'm  a 62yr. old female. I lost my son 6yrs. ago to a motorcycle accident. We were very close. I was a single mother for many yrs. and our  bond was very strong. I still fall into the black hole. If I think about him I fall apart. I wonder all the time what life would be if he were still here. I will never see a wedding or grandchildren. These are profound losses I will never experience. 

Not sure how to stop my pain..

thx Marge

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I sympathize with your grief. My mother categorically forbade me to get on a motorcycle when I was 17-20 years old. I understood her request and refused such a hobby. But I also remember that she never limited me when I wanted to play free slots uk. It seems to me that it was a wise decision on her part.

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