Help for today & Hope for tomorrow

I just don't know how to cope with this how to wrap my head around all of this it feels like a bad dream

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Hi Allyson, my Mama also passed and every morning I check my phone for confirmation that the past 19 days haven’t been real, but it is. I hate it. I miss her. I feel that connecting with others with similar grief makes the lonesomeness of this pain less burdensome. I hope you feel moments of relief in her memories. In your memory of your moms way of being. Your relationship with her. I hope you have days of warm tears that liberate you, even for a moment, from the heaviness of the pain.
All my empathy from a forever grieving daughter.
Hi Alyson, I hate to even say it but unfortunately I understand how you feel. I too lost my mother recently and I’m still waiting for her to come home. I txt her and wait for her reply. I hear her voicemails and videos and my reality doesn’t feel right.

sorry on loss i loss my mom on 5/4/21 i feal so num i do i no its only bean  3 days for me im juts dredin wen silly comentss set in off peplle coz i no i had it wen dad died 9 yrss go go 

sorry i no it min im not in thng mod coz  we new she wz gona go but lzzong her juts hops she nose we all lov her so mush sorry if im rablin

loss mom 2 wks go now all stepss i ddi wen dad died gon agab num disbelif denil agan 

cnt evn cry for mom 

funrelss in 2 days im so num coz of it i no shes not sufrin but guiltt iv got 

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