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My fiance lost his battle with addiction 7 weeks ago. I am still trying to figure out how I didn't know he was using again. Simply put he was a high functioning addict, still working and going to events. I feel so much guilt not being able to help him. And the haunting image when I found him.

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Hi Alex,

How are you doing today? Have you been able to take a few steps forward? I lost my husband in July this year, I still think about joining him in the other world. I lost him to suicide and he was very functional and appeared normal to everyone. I was the one who found him and that picture flashes in my mind involuntarily.

I guess we just need to take it as it comes to us, can't run away or escape the grief.

Hi Alex..I too lost my wife to a drug overdose and I too found her. Some people dismiss my pain when they find out how she passed, but no matter how or why it happened, I loved her with all my soul and the pain of her passing is just as strong and devastating as if she passed in any other way. Finding her haunts me. I wish I had some magic words, but I nor anyone else does. Just know there are others out here who understand. I wish you well.

Hi Alex, how are you today? My husband had health problems beyond addiction, but alcohol was the final nail in his coffin. I feel angry and sad that he couldn't give it up sooner, that i (or his kids,  or himself) wasnt enough, that i couldnt help him.  At the very end he said he had given it up, the doctors didn't think so,  but I'll never really know.  I feel guilty for not doing more to stop it sooner, but i know realistically it just would have driven a wedge between us and probably he would have continued until he was ready.  I miss him so much. He was larger than life, and everything is quiet and empty without him.  I can't stop thinking about his final day in the hospital, how he looked when he died, and how neither of us thought it was the end for him. I hope since your post you have found some peace.

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