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19 days

It's been 19 days since you last looked at me. It's been 19 days since you spoke to me. 19 days. It feels like yesterday but nope I counted it's been 19days since I lost you. You told me it would be 3 and a half months but it was only 19 days. 21 days is how long you got and 19 days ago you left. I hate this. I just want to talk to you and to see you and to hear your voice again. Every time I go to dads I think about you. It makes me sad. I feel like shit for feeling like shit. I'm tired of… Continue

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misss u dad bean a bad 1 wsid u wear hear mom bean illme lzkn fraki mi my arms wh im fnd i t hrd 2 tpy bean a victm of ctmi im nt gon 2 tel hl wold just dnt wnt 2 go in 2 evrt hm 

ths is for u coz fr me it isundefined

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pls dnt jug me i need 2 cry bt if i cry im word ill cr till 20120 or fill sea or so on  i no i nead clen my oles i do bt thys yrs bean a ortn 1 mom bean ill y slf bean b 2 gud iv neglet…


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Anybody want to talk? Share what you're going through? If you've found a way to cope (or start a process of healing), do you want to share?

Of course I want to talk about how my princess meant the world to me, about how my 4 month old angel, literally became an angel...but, the truth of the fact is this, I have been able to help those around me cope with the passing of my child, but I have not; I have been wearing a mask to ensure a happiness for those around me. What are you dealing with? What are you thinking? Let's talk.

Added by Jay on August 6, 2017 at 12:23am — 3 Comments

i hate myself

We lost you on a saturday morning 9 years ago and it still feels like it just happened. The only son I will ever have and i cant see your face and hold you anymore. My mind still replays to that day when everything seemed alright and then we noticed that you didnt act normal so we called 911 and suddenly your dad began CPR and in the blink of an eye you were gone. In our arms you stopped breathing and we were forced say the words YOU'RE DEAD. Worst day of my life…


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two year anniversary

It has been two year ago today that I lost my boys. Not a day goes by that I don't think about them. I just woke up today and couldn't quit crying. I keep going day by day putting one foot in front of the other but days like today I just can't move. Does it get any better or am I just deceiving myself.

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Miss my husband

My lost of my husband it has only been 3 weeks,I miss him so much we have 3 grown children that have there own lives and I feel all alone.I pray to God every night to take me in my sleep so I can be with my husband. We did everything together we were inseparable.we had been married for 32 years.The hardest part is at night when I climb into bed and he's not there. I just cry my self to sleep.My heart goes out to each and everyone on this forum.God bless you all

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My words at the funeral

A new chapter diluted by the end

A new chapter disguised as the end

There were more stories to tell

Involving you

Dry humour

Off grid escapism

Stare at the sky and decipher cloud movement

Your mind was your own

Still water with a silent bobbing boat

Words no longer find letters to float

James On The Hill can still exist

In my mind at least

Cloud vapour hand rung with red wine

That scent of loneliness… Continue

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I Miss You

I miss you dad i wish you were here

Added by lees on May 16, 2017 at 11:29am — 2 Comments


Does it really ever get better I lost my husband my soulmate love of my life. It just seems like the pain and anxiety will never go away it's been 9 months. I just cannot seem to get back to me everyone says keep busy I do I work with cancer patients which is what took my husband I try and keep a smile on my face but I still cry and miss him so much!

Added by Teresa Carter on May 15, 2017 at 5:39pm — 4 Comments

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Wishing you a day filled with LOVE!  If you lost your mother, may you be comforted with loving memories ...

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Sad anxiety

A year ago I lost my husband very suddenly.. I have a 5 year old daughter with this man and my family trys to help but most of the time it only makes it worse I need to find my self again and get out of bed and move on with life please tell me you all have the same problems and how to fix it or cope with it

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no 1 giv us  bok way 2 deal on loss we do it way we do

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Still feeling intense pain

It;s been almost 4 months and I still feel deep pain and deep sadness. I miss him so much its indescribable. Nothing I do seems to ease it or mask it. He was such a caring and giving person. I miss my big brother and I want him back

Added by Beth on March 29, 2017 at 1:26pm — 1 Comment

Missing my mother

My mother was just about 18 years old when she had me back in the 60's. My father was not in the picture when he found out that she was pregnant, so when I was born it was her mother who was with her. My mother eventually married a fellow whom she had known since the age of 14, and they had three children. Out of the four kids, I was closest to my mother. We could be like oil and water; but at the same time it was like we needed each other to breath. That is how our relationship…


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So new to this my name is Karen lost husband two years ago after 33 years with him this is hard moving on.  I was never scared about everything now I'm scared of all have opportunity for a new job bu…

So new to this my name is Karen lost husband two years ago after 33 years with him this is hard moving on.  I was never scared about everything now I'm scared of all have opportunity for a new job but the anxiety I have is crazy.  Even doing this is hard feel alone most of time thank god my son came back with his family have my grand babies to keep me going if didn't have them well I don't know. My life pretty much sucks miss my honey everyday people say it will get easier but not so sure…


Added by Karen on February 9, 2017 at 3:54am — 3 Comments

I lost the love of my life three weeks ago

Hello. I'm new to this group and new to this level of pain and suffering. 30 years ago when i was only 14, I fell in love with a beautiful girl who would consume my entire life. We were best of friends and did everything together. Some would say we were not healthy with how much time we spent together. She was the sweetest, kindest person i ever knew. Since we were dumb kids, we got pregnant in high school. This introduced yet another interesting dynamic. It was a struggle but we worked…


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Grandpa and Dad

I lost my grandpa to Parkinson's disease about a week ago

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Losing myself how do you let go

In the last year I have lost two cousins one of which was like a brother, two uncles and both my grandmother one of which was my best friend and favorite person in the world. I have two children 6 yr old girl and 7mth old boy I am sad all the time. I am losing myself and I'm so tired of crying.

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Joined r on talk about my lost try to get through it

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