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i need somepeople to talk too. I need help and talk about loosing my dad..

I miss my dad so much. My dad was diagnoised with stage 4 cancer on april 12,2012 and was told it was in his colon, liver, and lungs. He was told that he had  about 3 weeks to live if he refused khemo, and a year or if he was lucky 2 years if he did recieve it. My dad did start it about a week later, and all went well til he went home after his first treatment and about 20 mins later the hospital called to tell us he was in renel failure and he needed to go back to the hospital. My father went to the hospital and stayed there for 2 days and after the 2 days the docs came in and told him basically if he takes khemo or not he will not make it a week. My dad decided to go home and die at home.He came home on a thursday may 10 and sat may 12 he lost his battle to cancer.

My father was a the best father ever. I am taken it really hard becasue when my father told me he had cancer i was 8 months pregnant with my daughter, his first granddaughter. Its not fair cuz we only had a month to deal with this illness and knowing my father would never met his 2nd grandchild hurts so much. His birthday was may 31 and he would have been 52 yrs old. I say my daughter was a angel from my dad becasue i was induced on his birthday and my daughter was born on june 2nd. It sucks cuz im am 24 years old and already had to deal with his bday, my daughters birth, fathers day and my birthday all without my father and it hasnt even been a month and a half yet.

I would like friends on here to help me get through this stage of my life. i need to vent and i need to vent to poeple that knows what it feels like to lose a parent



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Comment by Patricia A Bolton on July 7, 2012 at 6:06am

Megan,  I recently went through some of the same things as you. From the first phone call from an ER doctor until my mom's death, it was only 10 days. I think that is what is hurting so much for me. It happened so quickly. I cannot seem to move on. I lose focus so easily and I am brought to tears by the smallest things. My story is different since my mom was older and maybe "expected" to die sooner than your dad, but it still caught us so off guard. She died 10 days short of her 80th birthday and 20 days before the big surprise birthday bash/family reunion we had planned. I got that first phone call on June 1st and we had her memorial service on June 30th. I completely lost the month of June 2012. My dad and my sisters have all seemed to have handled it so much better than I have. I don't have any guilt associated with her death. I was great about calling to check on my parents and visiting on a regular basis, but I still can't get past this.


Comment by maryellenmcquown on November 9, 2012 at 8:28am

hi i am Maryellen and i know what your going through it is so very hard i have now lost both of my parents as well both to cancer and other things i am here to help 


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