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On July 25th my son gave his life trying to protect his best friend. He was stabbed and I was there after the stabbing while we waited for the police and ambulance. I did not realize until we were told that he was gone that I pretty much watched my son die in the street. My whole life has went to hell since. I left my house because this happened pretty much in front of it and I could stand to be there. My live-in boyfriend chose to stay and this has pretty much ruined our relationship. I can’t go back to work right now. I have horrible flashbacks, anxiety and depression. My best friend, her husband and my two daughters are pretty all the support I have. I’m feeling completely alone and losing my will to even get out of bed. I need someone to talk to.

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I lost my son ten year old son he had autism recently let's chat
My 10 month old daught was suffocated to death by my ex fiance's new bf while ahe was pregnant with his child and i droped off the day before happy and healthy, im so sorry for your loss and i understand the nightmares i live them every day
Hi Kristy, I too have lost my son, my baby boy, he turned 20 on July 16,2018, he had never been sick and this was his first and last time being in a hospital, we had 20 days with him in ICU, I am lucky to have been there when he took his last breath and although your son's death has changed your life forever I am glad for you and for him that you were with him. Like you, it is a slow torture that I endure EVERY single day and my life will NEVER be the same. From one mother to another, I am here if you need to talk, I'll listen....
My son was killed on his motorcycle July 13. 2 months before his 22 birthday. He was in his prime, I am completely broken. Always will be. 2 min from home someone couldn't be bothered to stop at a stop sign.

Hi Kristy. my name is diane. I feel your pain aas I lost my only son too.I had alot of anxiety myself when he passed , kept waiting for my  turn. I was in such darkness, and it felt like I was in a whirlwind constantly. I too had depression, thats why I joined here 3 years ago.There hasnt been alot of help here lately, but I keep coming back for support. I know friends mean well, but unless you ve lost a child , no matter their age they cant unerstand what you are going through, sorry for the typos, I guess it is hard to type with tears falling. If you want someone to talk to who knows what you are feeling I am here. It does help us to talk , and then we dont feel quite as alone. I wish you strength, faith and  many prayers to you. Keep looking forward and cry when you need to.Grief seems to overcome you andconsume you if you let it. I walked around for one year after my son passed, in numbness and dont really remember getting through each day, but somehow by the grace of God I did,take care my friend...diane.

I to was like that for a year I was knumb and in shock to its been 3years since I lost my daughter I struggle every day I work 2days a week just to get out the house I to have anxiety I struggle with it but I force myself to carry on I came in here 2years ago and I have came back again I just needed some one to talk to that knows how am feeling thankyou for taking the time to read this x

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