Help for today & Hope for tomorrow

Hi everyone. I just wanted to share that todday was my sons bithday. Hes been gone for 3 years now, and I was dreading this day, but I made it through  okay, better than the last two years. I think it is because of all of you . You give me strenght and courage to face each day with grace . I thank you  for being my support system as I have no family left .  I love you all very much, and you seem like family. Ive reached out to many of you and you freely reached back to me. That says a lot about each one of you. thank you for being here for me,and I hope I am for you as well.  take care,and many blessings. My son would be 49 today, but I still see that little baby in my arms. sweet dreams my son. love to you all an many blessings. gina...":)

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