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June 2016 Blog Posts (5)

And lonely

I lost both my parents last year. 10 months from another both unexpected. I woke up to find my mom on floor. I didn't wake up soon enough I got so much guilt all the time that if I woke sooner I could of saved her. She was my best friend the person I trusted the most and was there for me. I just feel depressed all the time idk what to do. I then lost my dad due to a heart attack. I just don't get it. I don't know how to move on

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Heavy heart

My husband of 22 years died 5/27/16 and I feel lost and alone

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Poem III.

​I don´t want to cry tonight,
I have the reason to be in right,
you came to me two days ago,
I felt a shiver up to toe.…

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Global Grief over Orlando Tragedy

Please see the Blog Post on the Home Page.  In a live segment on CNN, Anderson Cooper choked back tears while reading the names and telling the stories of the Orlando shooting victims.  A touching reminder that every person is a valuable and precious gift from God:

HUGE HUG to you at this time,


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2 god

ok im sorry if i ofend a prso oj  person on hear but i neeed 2 vent so bad on hear im goan hav 2 do so so i am

why do f@@@@k u hav in for me 2hy do u f@@@@kin mak my lif hell wen ther is evil peados it duz bad 2 kids it gtes away grin free 2 do it agan 

im not a dirty peado or seral killerr bt u mak my lif hell evn pele its not did bad pele its had loss of kids gran kids hubys wifs so on mums dads so on u pib puish us in loss but not peados or kilers or wrse so on

i need…


Added by dreammoon jo on June 10, 2016 at 4:03pm — No Comments

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