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Hard Times

It's difficult going through rough times. It's even more difficult feeling like the rough times are not times but life. A rough life. Ever since 2012 I haven't had a home. My parents and I just go from house to house- my aunt's, my uncle's, my grandma's. It's so hard being a teenager and not be able to have my own space. Sharing a tiny room with my mother- the same bed. It's depressing not being able to have friends over because there's not even room for me in the house I'm in. My world is…


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Once I looked into your beautiful eyes,

and thought the world was full of life.

But that was all just lies,

because your beautiful eyes no longer stare into mine.

This beautiful world once held so much color,

but the colors seemed to have washed away.

And the world around me is dark and grey.

I only wish to see the color through those

beautiful eyes again. 

To see a world in which I once loved,

and a place…


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I look up to, the beautiful night sky

and I simply wonder why.

As if like a video tape,

my mind begins to rewind.

Back to the old times we used to share;

all the laughter that was once there.

All those memories we lived,

they will always be in my mind.

But one memory to painful to bare.

Is the one in which I saw you disappear.

The last breath you took,

sent my life into an instant despair.



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The air I breathe is now to stale and has no life,

the Sun holds no warmth for me as it once did so long ago.

These beautiful days that we once shared only bring pain and tears.

All because what once brought it life, is gone beyond my reach.

The smile that plays upon my lips is fake, 

but it's to hide the tears I wish to cry.

The laughter that I force,

is to hide the screams within my mind.

My throat tightens as…


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To my fellow Grief Hope Members,

Thank you for joining and participating in this site.  I hope it has helped you in your grief recovery journey by communicating with others who are going through a similar experience.  As many of you know, I started this site a few years after my husband passed away in 2004 when my son was 4 years old. My mother went to heaven this past February as well.  God put it on my heart to start a site to help others in need, so I have sincere empathy for what…


Added by Judy Davidson on September 8, 2015 at 1:02pm — 1 Comment

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