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April 2014 Blog Posts (5)

Ticket 10-60-54

Jeff passed away two days after I wrote this poem it was the first of many to come. He was ill from the first day I met him, and he did a great job of hiding his pain from me. I think in his mind it was something that would eventually go away with time. The last weekend we spend together he was weak and I remember feeling darkness around me and complete sadness still the hints didn’t became available until after his death. The following weekend we had dinner plans with friends of mine. When…


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Silver Balloon

April 12th marks the fourth month of the passing of the man I spend a brief time with. It was a wonderful relationship as new relationships usually are. Being with him even if it was a short time was wonderful. And his death turned my life upside down in ways I would have never imagined. All the beautiful emotions are left inside with no one to share them with. Felt as if I…


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Why do some people...........?

I know we all wonder why some people tell us to just get over it and move on or everything happens for a reason. In my opinion, those are the 2 worst things you could ever tell someone who has lost someone they love. Here is how I look at it. When you love someone you love them unconditionally. Death is a condition. Just because the person you love dies doesn't mean you no longer feel that same love for them. I am still just as much in love with my fiance as the day she died. That has not…


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Filled with Sadness

A week ago tomorrow I lost the love of my life and the father of our almost 2yr old son. He had been walking in the middle of the night, apparently had fallen in the road and an oncoming car hit him. I'm not sure that this will ever get any easier and what do I say to my innocent child who asks me where's his da-da? Im trying not to replay questions in my head, what if i had called him that night?? What if i had just let him stay here for the night like he wanted?? But thats a hard thing to do!… Continue

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Hi All,

I joined this site a long time ago but have been inactive with it.  In five days it will be the first anniversary of my husband's death (Tom - who else?) at barely age 66.  I'm in a really awful place right now - he suffered so much with pancreatic cancer - I was his full time caregiver.  This August will be our 40th wedding anniversary.  Right now I'm not coping well.  It has been a year of MISERY and…


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