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death what happens to us when we die?

one of the hardest things in life is losing someone you love,its not a natural thing we should be going threw. God didn't create life to just kill it or take away he wanted love, peace and happiness. most of the worlds religions teach that somting inside a person continues living after death.  Some hold that the dead can harm the living or that God punishes the wicked by condemning them to eternal torment in a fiery hell.  What the bible teaches :At death, humans cease to exist. "That…


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God took the love of my life

  My name is Catherine and sept 6 was the last time I seen my husband he dropped dead from a heart attack that day.When his boss came to the house and got me to take me to the hospital I knew it was bad but I never figured death. Not my baby and that is what I kept screaming over and over when they told me.Not my baby not my baby he wouldn't leave me . But he did in a blink of a eye my whole life changed. I wanted to die with him and still feel that way today wish god would take me…


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unbearable pain

I lost the man who raised me for almost all of my life not even 2 weeks ago. He was killed in a horrible wreck not even a mile from home. My heart is physically in so much pain I can hardly breathe sometimes. I don't know what to do. So many things are uncertain. So many of my questions are unanswered. I can't talk to my husband, he doesn't understand. I can't let my kids see me fall apart. I'm supposed to be the strong one in our family. What an I supposed to do? I'm tired of hearing,"I'm so… Continue

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Non Stop

jo alexio, the non stop self destruction and the non stop drinking will numb the pain. I blame God too. I ask why Me? I get not answers. I will continue to try to keep my head clear for my Only Son.The tears just tear me apart when I am alone, the grief is after me like a thief in the night.

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Losing my Dad

The story about my dad's death actually begins on Mon., Sept. 8th of this year.  My parents were out to visit my fiancee & myself, & after a wonderful weekend together, we all went to bed early, knowing that mom & dad had to be at the airport early to catch their flight home.  

At about 3 a.m., mom knocked on the door of my & Tom's (my fiancee) bedroom & told us that dad was really quite sick.  We got up, took one look at dad & promptly called 911.  He was…


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My dog

My dog is so needy and annoying since my husbands death. She tries so hard to comfort me and I won't be comforted. I sure don't want her licking my face which she constantly tries. My dog stood on top of my husbands dead body. I had to shove her away several times while the paramedics tried to bring him back. My dog never bothered me before and I do think it is sweet that she is trying to be there for me I just wish she would relax a little and get out of my face. I feel bad because I feel…


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